Viser arkivet for stikkord sandefjord

The colours of the winterland
I’m just talking ’bout an hour..

ha det kos i Winterland..;)

et hemmningsløst bilde fra vannposten på Bueråsen….

Where I was born, where I was raised.
Where I keep all my yesterdays.
Where I ran off ‘cos I got mad,
An’ it came to blows with my old man.
Where I came back to settle down,
It’s where they’ll put me in the ground:
This is my town.
(Na, na, na, na, na.)
Yeah, this is my town.
(Na, na, na, na, na.)
My town.

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A high five is a celebratory gesture made by two people, each raising one hand to slap the raised hand of the other — usually meant to communicate mutual satisfaction to spectators or to extend congratulations from one person to another. The arms are usually extended into the air to form the “high” part, and the five fingers of each hand meet, making the “five”, thus the name. In addition to the standard high five, several variations exist in order to add uniqueness to the experience and to maximize satisfaction.

Bueråsen Panorama..

høstfargene sloss om oppmerksomhet…